The family of Zaman!

Over 20 years of experience

We have been the explorers for generations

The world of Zaman dates right back to the year 1998. Zaman in Arabic means epoch or era. It seems like an obvious company name when you establish your family business in Petra’s close neighborhood. The astonishing capital city of the ancient Nabatean Kingdom and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Over thousands of years, Petra hasn’t lost its magnificence and charm. It is a powerful experience. Today it is even more exciting, as archeologists claim that there is still a lot to be discovered and uncovered. There is no better place for a travel company to forge its adventurous spirit. From here, Zaman was started.

Our attention to detail, experience, and creativity in planning is fostered by independence provided by our family ownership, which we consider to be one of our biggest strengths. The Owner of Zaman Tours Mr. Mohammad Harb descends from one of the renowned Jordanian families dedicated to tourism, and he founded Zaman Tours to share his love for Jordan with the world.

Since then, Zaman Tours has been committed to continually refine the quality of service provided to you to ensure that you get the most out of our guest’s vacation. Mr. Mohammad Harb is also the founder of the unique Petra by Night (candlelit Petra) experience, and Zaman Tours is one of the current organizers of this unique event.


Petra by Night

We are proud founder and organizer.

We came up with an idea to make something special for tourists in Petra in 1998, at the same time when Zaman Tours was established. Since we started the business, we were very careful about providing an exquisite experience to clients and to leave them very impressed. It’s our real passion.

The Petra by Night a magical way to see part of the rock city by candlelight and explore the old city, which has become a world wonder incomparable experience starts by walking the entire Siq to the Treasury, lit with over 1,800 candles to bring the major attraction due to the spectacular view it has.

Petra by Night runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week starts at 20:30 from Petra Visitor Centre, and delivers you back by licensed guide to the Visitor Centre around 10.30 pm. Petra by Night.

Mission and Vision

It is all about Creating Timeless Memories

We create beautiful and long life lasting vacation memories. We want to make the world a better place. That’s why we care about the environment, local communities, and our employees, suppliers, and partners. We are people-centric, service-focused, and technology-driven.

We want to be the first choice and the most trusted tour operator in Jordan and the Region. We aim to become a model for innovation and service providing and the commitment to provide high-quality products and new experiences.

Our commitment

Being sustainable tour operator

We support sustainable tourism. With a strong belief in sustainability rather than uncontrolled growth, we introduce programs that have a low impact on the environment and local cultures and generate income in local communities.

On our tours, you may:
  • Stay in local guesthouses, houses, camps.
  • Buy only local products.
  • Support local initiatives and communities.