Sustainability Policy

As a travel company that engages with various stakeholders in tourism, namely consumers, tour guides, travel agencies, hotels, transport companies, restaurants, and attractions, we understand our key role and influence in the sustainability development of tourism. Therefore, we are committed to promoting sustainability. We aim to follow, implement and promote good sustainability practices to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts on tourism of our operations and to influence our clients and partners to do the same.  

Our sustainability policy is divided into 9 themes. Each theme consists of a set of principles and practical actions accordingly.  

1. Sustainability Management & Legal Compliance 

We commit to sustainability management, practiced by the following actions: 

  • To have an appointed employee who is responsible for sustainability coordinator tasks;  
  • To have a written sustainability mission statement that is communicated to customers, partners and suppliers; 
  • To have a sustainability action plan with clear targets, actions, measures, responsibilities, and time planning; And to update this plan on a monthly basis. 
  • To ensure that all staff are fully aware of our Sustainability Policy and are committed to implementing and improving it, starting with our Amman office first and then our Petra office. 

We commit to complying with all national legislation, regulations, and codes of practice. 

2. Internal management: social policy & human rights 

We commit to sustainable internal management by having a clear written and well-communicated social policy that includes the following principles: 

  • To include Jordanian labour law conditions according to national labor law and a job description in the employment contract, including sick leave and holidays, notice period, salary, overtime, equal opportunity, avoidance of child labour , discriminations of any sort, and other legal requirements under the Jordanian labour law. 

3. Internal Management: Environment and community relations 

We commit to practice environmental protection and enhance community relations by ensuring the enforcement of following practices: 

  • Actively reduce the use of disposable and consumer goods; 
  • Favour the purchase of sustainable goods and services, office and catering supplies 
  • Purchase products in bulk, to reduce the amount of packaging materials; 
  • Set copy and printing machines by default to black and white printing and collect the papers printed on, to use the blank side for notes or draft work. 
  • Use cleaning materials which are non-hazardous where possible and available. 
  • Implement measurements to reduce brochure wastage through digital brochure; 
  • Have an active commitment to measure, monitor and reduce energy consumption; 
  • Switch off lights and equipment when not in use, set equipment by default in the energy saving mode, where this is feasible; 
  • Prefer low energy equipment when buying new items, including considerations of cost and quality; 
  • Comply with the national legislation concerning waste disposal; 
  • Separate all materials which can be recycled and organize collection and proper disposal; 
  • Contribute to the protection and preservation of local historical, archaeological, culturally, and spiritually important properties and sites.  

4. Transport 

We aim to ensure that vehicles used on tours do not cause more than average pollution. We believe that transport is an important aspect of sustainable tourism, and we do our best to decrease the average pollution level. 

We commit to this by; 

  • Selecting the most sustainable options considering price and comfort when selecting transport options to the destination; 
  • Considering and giving preference to more sustainable alternatives when selecting transport options for transfers and excursions in the destination, considering price, comfort, and practical considerations;  
  • Selecting cars and vans that meet the highest national emissions standards, with the latest production year and are frequently maintain and serviced whenever possible.   

5. Accommodations 

We aim to achieve a tourism supply chain that is fully sustainable. The partner accommodations play an important role in achieving this and are stimulated and motivated to adapt sustainable practices.  

We commit to this by; 

  • Preferring and selecting accommodations that are locally owned and managed; 
  • Selecting accommodations that employ local communities; 
  • Clearly and actively communicating our sustainability objectives and requirements regarding accommodations to contracted and other relevant accommodations;  

6. Excursions and activities 

We value animal and community welfare extremely highly and aim for tours that only leave a minor footprint. We are safeguarding the authenticity of the communities and the natural environment and are strongly against harming wildlife and polluting the environment.  

We commit to this by; 

  • Advising guests on behaviour standards during excursions and activities with a focus on respecting the local culture, nature, animal, and environment and not offer any excursions which are not in compliance with local, national, and international law; 
  • Not being involved with companies that harvest, consume, display, sell, or trade wildlife species unless it is part of a regulated activity that ensures that their utilisation is sustainable and in compliance with local, national, and international law; 
  • Having skilled and/or certified guides to guide our guests in sensitive cultural sites, heritage sites, or ecologically sensitive destinations; 
  • Promoting and advising our guests on excursions and activities which directly involve and support local communities by purchasing services or goods, traditional crafts and local (food) production methods, or visiting social projects;  
  • Promoting and advising our guests on excursions and activities which support local environment and biodiversity such as visiting protected areas or environmental protection projects; 

7. Tour leaders, local representatives and guides 

We aim at involving as many locals as possible by employing them in the tourism business. We stand for a fair and safe working environment that supports and respects local communities.  

We commit to this by; 

  • Ensuring that all employees have a written employment contract, including labour conditions and a job description. 
  • Preferring to work with local tour leaders, local representatives, local tour guides, porters, drivers, cooks, and other local staff in case of equal ability. 
  • Paying tour leaders, local representatives, guides, porters, and other local staff contracted by us at least a living wage that is equal to or above the legal minimum or relevant industry standard; 
  • Having our tour leaders, local representatives and guides inform clients on relevant sustainability matters in the destination (e.g., protection of flora, fauna, and cultural heritage, resource use), social norms and values (e.g., tips, dressing code and photography) and human rights (e.g. sexual exploitation); 

8. Destination 

We aim to maximize positive impacts and minimize negative impacts at destination to ensure the sustainable development of the places that we operate in.  

We commit to this by: 

  • Support biodiversity conservation, including protected areas and areas of high biodiversity through integration in our product offers; 
  • Not promote souvenirs which contain threatened flora and fauna species as indicated in the CITES treaty and the IUCN ‘Red List’; or historic and archaeological artefacts (except as permitted by law); 

9. Customer communication and protection 

Customers welfare and information are very important to us. We ensure clear and constant communication and high protection to our clients.  

Prior to booking, we commit to this by: 

  • Ensure that customer privacy is not compromised; 
  • Provide destination information, including sustainability aspects, which is factually correct, balanced and complete; 
  • Inform our customers about sustainable alternatives concerning accommodations, excursions, package holidays and transport options, if available; 

After booking and during holidays, we commit to this by: 

  • Provide information to our customers about the natural surroundings, local culture and cultural heritage in our destination; 
  • Keep a contact person and a telephone number permanently available for emergency situations; 
  • Train our employees and keep guidelines available, on how to deal with emergency situations; 
  • Provide our customers with information about commercial, sexual or any other form of exploitation and harassment, particularly of children and adolescents; 
  • Inform our customers about applicable legislation concerning the purchasing, sales, import and export of historic or religious artefacts and articles containing materials of threatened flora and/or fauna in the destination; 
  • Motivate our customers to use local restaurants and shops (where appropriate); 
  • Inform our customers on sustainable transport options in destinations, when feasible; 

After holidays, we commit to this by: 

  • Measure customer satisfaction and take into account the results, for service and product improvements; 
  • Include sustainability as an integral part of the research into customer satisfaction; 
  • Have clear procedures in case of complaints from our customers; 


Silvia P
Silvia P
Fantastic tour with an Italian speaking guide We received an excellent service and support from zamantours. Our Italian-speaking guide, Abdullah, was outstanding: he gave us precise and comprehensive information about places and culture, he was highly flexible in the program and tireless in his work. He has been a reference for us throughout our trip. Also Yusef, the driver, was kind and flexible. All the personnel were always punctual and professional.
Paula S
Paula S
Amazing experience It was a wonderful experience. Petra is an awesome place, breathless sunset at the Wadi Run desert, there are many archeological sites and significant religious places of the Bible.Floating on the Dead Sea was just incredible. Thanks to Ahmed, our tour guide, he's really professional and kind, with a great sense of humor and Samir, excelent and safety driver, both of them are the best advicers in Jordan.
Alberto D
Alberto D
Best experience in Jordan We enjoyed one week touring Amman, Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. The sites were extraordinary, the guide Fadl very competent and the driver Samir very kind. Hotels were first class, people always very friendly. Food very appreciated.
Maclain N
Maclain N
Skip the Petra by Night experience. Don’t be tricked into doing Petra by night. We saw it last night on 6/12/23 The production value is horrible and the show is really short. Basically by the time you hike down the show is over within 30 min and it is not lit well. The city of Petra is amazing by day and the donkey ride to the monastery was the an incredible experience but I would NOT recommend the night experience.
Deepan P
Deepan P
1-week trip to Jordan Excellent organization, accomodation, and meals. Our driver Hisham is very knowledgeable, great communication and attitude that made our trip memorable. Hisham is a very safe driver, took us often on interesting side routes, and made extra effort to show as much of Jordan as he could in the time we had. He is punctual, and checked on our accomodations and visits. Hisham cares deeply about Jordan and his guests
John Moorcraft
John Moorcraft
Family Holiday with 5yr old expertly delivered. We booked our holiday for our five year old through Zaman and couldn’t have been happier. Everything around booking was painless and easy. All airport procedures were a breeze and they fast track you through immigration. We were out of the airport with all luggage within 15mins of landing! Our driver, Sayall, was outstanding with my daughter and ensured she was the focal point of the whole trip. First class. I would strongly recommend the Hilton in the Dead Sea if you have young children. Very friendly and great swimming pool. The Labdmark Hotel in Amman also good for kids and 100pct do the children’s museum. Our kid loved camel riding in Wadi Rum and found Petra fascinating (she climbed up to the high place of sacrifice). She enjoyed snorkelling as well. I’d caution against the Intercontinental in Aqaba. The policies there on swimming pool access work against 5-10yr olds. I’d look elsewhere there given the pricing structure. Overall, if you want to go to Jordan (and you should) and you want to travel with young children then Zaman will have you sorted. Top agency and it really worked for us.
fabrizio g
fabrizio g
Grazie Sam! Grazie Mohammad Saleem ci hai guidato attraverso la Giordania con professionalità competenza simpatia sempre molto attento alle nostre esigenze. Lo abbiamo molto apprezzato
Cheri R
Cheri R
Terrific value, tremendous fun Samanta of ZamanTours, whom we accessed through KimKim, was honestly fantastic. She planned our itinerary around our dates and requests, got us luxury hotels and meals, and best of all--arranged for driver/guide Hamdi Das. We were able to contact her anytime and she was immediately responsive (we made an error and she was able to help us rectify it--cheerfully!). All communications were clear and easy--fantastic Hamdi accompanied us to every entrance (even hotels) and made sure there was never a problem. We had 6 terrific days in Jordan, and are so completely happy. On our flight home, we talked with others who had used a luxury tour group and our experiences were hugely better --at half their price! We highly recommend Samanta at Zaman Tours and Hamdi, guide/driver-extraodinaire.
Carmelo L
Carmelo L
Amazing tour of Jordan Dear Zamantours, We would thank you for the quality of the service provided us during our travel in Jordan. We were very happy for the assistance we got at the Airport and especially for the professional driver Mr. J. Al Z. who has safely and kindly driven us for the entire week across Jordan A special thanks for our tourist guide Mr.M. Al-S. that made an excellent job explaining us a lot of things about Jordan History and beeing available for each of our need. Thank a lot for your great work Kind regards Carmelo & Fiorella
Peter Tass
Peter Tass
Petra once in a lifetime tour Zayed was extremely helpful. Beautiful waiter. He attended to us all the time. And the cocktails were very well priced.