Terms of Sales

Terms of Sales
Zaman Tours & Travel
Applicable for website booking 

Acceptance of the terms of sales 
These conditions govern any sale and reservation of tourist services operated by Zaman Tours through its website www.zamantours.comAny reservation or request for one of the trips and tours offered on this website or any booking and purchase of a service appearing on it implies the acceptance by the buyer of these general conditions unless a particular term is applied and agreed upon by one of our tour consultants and sales agents. 

How to book with us? 
This section will help you know how you can book a service through this website www.zamantours.com operated by Zaman Tours DMC (Destination Management Corporate) SMC (Single Member Corporate) 1998. Services it offers include and are not limited to: Ready-Made Holidays trips one day tours or Tailor-Made travel service, hotel booking, transportation service, guiding service, airport assistance, or/and any other related travel service that can be operated by us. 

Zaman Tours Operation: 
We are specialized and licensed to handle our foreign guests’ services in Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. Our leading destination and specialty are Jordan, Middle East. For Jordan, the guests can book with us a Custom and Ready-Made Tour, enjoying full access to all activities and experiences we have in Jordan. 

Booking and Requesting a Tailor-Made Holiday with us? 
We know that planning your dream trip can become overwhelming with so many things to see, and if you go with friends, partner, family, or as a solo traveler, the only thing you want to do is enjoy! 

Just tell us where you want to go, including your choice of activities, experiences, accommodations, and dining options, and our expert will craft your perfect experience! We will create your dream vacation no matter how unique it is, and you will see that waiting for your vacation can be the most challenging part! Filling the form we have on our Tailor-made page will help us create your dream vacation you have been waiting for. 

Once you sent the inquiry, one of our local experts will contact you to design your custom holiday. You can access this on the tailor-made holiday page on our website. 

Booking a Ready-Made Holiday with us? 
We also have a portfolio of trips that are designed and ready to go to help spark your imagination. With our travel experts’ help, Jordan will be a destination you will fall in love with. The portfolio is designed to meet the traveler’s budget, style, and length of stay. 

To book a Ready-Made vacation with us or a day tour, we need to know from you the following: 

    • Click on the Travel Style page to know what Zaman provides. We have a unique style of the package to choose from based on your interest. You can also select your travel style direct from our system. 
    • When choosing your interest Ready-Made package holiday in our portfolio, then you need to know the price. Knowing this is extremely easy by choosing your travel date, number of rooms. The system will calculate at once the price for you based on your season of travel and the number of rooms. 
    • In our Ready-Made portfolio, we have two options to book with us. The first one is based on checking availability and request, and the second is based on Book online, which we guarantee confirmation for you within 24 business working hours. 
    • The privacy of the tours listed on our website is based on two options. Guarantee Departure Group Tours and Private Tours. 

Supplying your data to us: 
The data you provided to our agency is fully protected. We accept receiving your personal information by email and office work telephone numbers. We do not take your information by social media or/and personal contact with our Tour Consultants. Our tour consultant has the right to ask about some specific details required to make your reservation. That information included and was not limited to passport details, credit card information, email, mobile, job, and resident country. 

The information is given on the site relating to the many services offered like transport, hotels, Guides, Local assistant, airport assistant, and activates. Zaman Tours reserves the right to change certain elements forming the preliminary information. Any modification of the services offered on the site that could occur before the client’s registration will be brought to their attention in writing, before the contract’s conclusion, which alone, therefore, will be proof of the services agreed between the parties. 

Accommodation: The category of hotel establishments appearing in the description corresponds to a classification proved concerning the host countries’ local standards. It can therefore differ from European, American, Israel, Asia, and other destination standards. Zaman Tours is handling accommodation bookings with various options like Economic, Comfort, Deluxe, and Luxury style hotels. Local brands and International chains. 

Duration of the stay: The duration of the stay is calculated in nights (number of nights) and takes into account the time devoted to transport (transfers included) and the course of the visit of the circuit on-site, from the time of convocation on the day of departure until arrival time on the day of return 

Destination Demand 
Jordan is considered a sustainable country but not a mass tourist destination. It is a small geographical location with a high demand request and booking in March, April, May, September, October, November, and End of DecemberIt has a limited number of hotels, rooms, guides, vehicles, especially in high season. With various attractions and places to visit, it has a round of 4 seasons a year, low, shoulder, thigh, and peak. Those seasons are different from one site to another. This makes the destination not available to book sometimes on high and peak season due to overbooking. We recommend that you check with us the availability of services like hotels and guides in a high demand period. We may need some days to confirm your booking in the peak period due to the high demand for services. 

Service Standard 
The category of hotels, transportation, restaurants, and any other local services establishments appearing in the description corresponds to a classification proved concerning the host country Jordan’s local standards. It can therefore differ from European, UK, America, Israel, and far east standards. 

We base our quotation on standard services like a standard hotel room, standard full-size vehicle, and standard restaurant when we provide any proposal, either Tailor-Made or Ready-Made trips. The standard means you will get the price based on each service’s basic plan; any upgrade or special request is subject to price changes. 

The standard of vehicles we use are equal or like Kia Serrate, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, Hyundai H-1, which considered a full-size car in Jordan. Luxury vehicles are available on request; we have Mercedes Benz E and S types. BMW 520i and 750i, Mercedes Minivan V class. Those vehicles are based on 1-7 passengers. Medium and large buses are available on request. Medium takes up to 20-30 passengers. Large takes up to 49 passengers. 

Hotels are different in terms of standard and price; we work with economy hotels to meet your budget needs, comfortable mid-range hotels, superior local hotels, and luxury international hotels. All the quotations will be supplied based on the standard room category; you can request an upgrade based on your preferred type. 

Tour Guides: There are 2 different guides in Jordan, the escort private guide accompanying you throughout your tour and the local site guide you can find in Petra and Jerash. We work with multilingual speaking guides, the first standard in English, available all the time. The second will be the language of your choice and request, which can be available and sometimes not depending on the tourism season. The Ministry of tourism licenses tour Guides, and we contract them for your request. 

Drivers: Your professional driver is only English-speaking, and he is responsible for pickups and drops off as per the agreed and scheduled times. He might have a little background in tourist sites, but he is not your guide, and it is not expected of him to give any touristic information or guiding services.  

Payment Policy 

  • Payment of 100% of the total of the tour is needed upon confirmation of booking the tour. You have peace of mind until 2 months before departure dates. At that point, we would require a full deposit only 60 days before departure for all services by money transfer or credit card payment with all bank transfer charges/ fees to be paid by the client. 
  • All the tour packages on this website operate on a pre-payment basis. Payment can be made either using a major credit card like Visa, Mastercard and bank transfer, including credit card transaction fee (Please add 3%fas fees for VisaMastercard or 4% for American Express to the total amount of payment each time). 
  • After receiving your payment, we will issue the final confirmation itinerary, which can be sent to you by e-mail. 

 Cancellation Policy 

  • 60 days before the arrival date: Non-Refundable deposit charge and the cancellation fees applied by the concerned services suppliers such as flight company, boat company, train, hotels… by their cancellations policies if any. 
  • 59 – 31 days before arrival date: Cancellations fee of 30% per group/booking plus the cancellation fees applied by the concerned services suppliers such as flight company, boat company, train, hotels… by their cancellations policies if any. 
  • 30 days – 15 days before arrival date: Cancellations fee of 50% per group/booking plus the cancellation fees applied by the concerned services suppliers such as flight company, boat company, train, hotels… by their cancellations policies if any. 
  • 14 – 7 days before arrival: Cancellations fee 70% charge plus the cancellation fees applied by the concerned services suppliers such as flight company, boat company, train, hotels… by their cancellations policies if any. 
  • Less than 7 days before arrival Or No show: 100 % charge per group/booking. 

Refund Policy 
We issue a refund of your payment based on the payment and cancellation policy. It takes up to 10-14 days to start it by informing the customer. The bank’s processing depends on the destination of the recipient, Intermediate banks, and refund method. We Initiate the refund using the same channel we get the payment. `Credit Card or Wire Transfer by the bank. Transferring the refund will be based on the exact amount we got. We don’t carry any responsibility for bank charges.  

We apply the standard Cutoff date when we must send the final confirmation letter to our customer and get the payment from the customer side. Our policy is 30 days Pre-arrival in high season and 14 days Pre-arrival. Your consultant will inform you about sales related to your booking in terms of last-minute booking, which is less than 60 days in high season.   

We understand that clients always wish and need to plan their best holiday. Therefore, our guests have the right to amend their booking at any time, considering the amendment and cancellation policy at the last minute. An extra charge may apply base on guest request.  

Prices declared on www.zamantours.com is in $ USD (US Dollar) (US Dollar). We accept payment in JOD, USD, and Euro only. The conversion rate for the Euro is not fixed and is based on the day of sending the payment. 

Modification and Cancellation of service by Zaman Tours 
We do not cancel guest service without prior notice. Canceling your reservation might come after a delay of payment request cut off time or a force major situation like COVID 19, Weather Condition, Safety, and flight change. We have the right to change the service in town with the same level in case of a better choice, due to force majors and availability issues.  

Travel insurance: 
is not included in your tour price. It is the passenger’s responsibility to verify whether his/her local health insurance carrier provides coverage while traveling. Please contact your insurance carrier for details. 

Claim your lost luggage  
In case of a loss in your luggage, please communicate with our operation department or directly to your sales consultant on [email protected]. 

We understand that the service does not go as you wish sometimes. But please make sure we are there for you at any time. You can leave us a message on the website contact us page or communicating with our customer care support 24/7 on +962 799440005 / +962 795096064. 

Credit Card Payment: 
We accept Credit Card payment from our guests. We apply 2.27% martinet fees over your total invoice when you book with us any Tailor-Made request. On the other hand, we invite you to benefit from our Ready-Made tour bookings not charged with any extra fees 

How to pay for us? 
We accept payment in 2 ways, Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) and Wire Bank Transfer. The payment information will be provided to our guests in their purchase invoices.  

Intermediary bank information 
Guest may request to enter intermediary bank details when sending money cross-board by banks. This will help both of us (Guest and Zaman Tours) save and pay less banking fees.  

How to contact us? 
Have a question about the process? Finding difficulties to book? Please submit your inquiry on the contact us page, and one of our travel consultants will get back to you. If you don’t receive a reply within 24-48 hours or want to follow up on your query, please talk to our expert by phone or email at +96at795096064 – [email protected]