17 min.

Zarb: A Bedouin Feast in Wadi Rum
Enjoy the Bedouin hospitality over dinner and try the Bedouin feast of Zarb. Zarb (as known among locals) or if you will Bedouin barbecue is an experience on its own where Bedouins cook lamb meat, chicken and vegetables with herbs in a big underground pit with hot coals beneath the desert sands. When the meat is tender with a hint of a smoky taste they take out the big pot and you get to enjoy one of Jordan’s greatest edible treasures under a starry sky in Wadi Rum.

Petra by Night Experience (Candlelit Petra)
“The Red-rose City of Petra by The Light of 1,800 Candles” To visit Petra during daylight is awe-inspiring! However, to experience it at night by the light of 1,800 candles is an out-of-this-world experience. Walking through the Siq with candles placed in brown paper bags lighting your path all the way to the treasury, with Bedouin music playing in the background, creates a mystique feeling that takes over! This 2 km walk is an experience you will never forget!

Hiking in the Wadis around Jordan
The ideal way to visit Jordan off the beaten track and to meet lots of local people is still by taking a hiking tour. The rocky landscapes and boundless immensities of the country offer a wonderful playground to hikers and mountaineers inclined to discover the real face of Jordan, far from the overly touristy attractions. Go explore the beautiful valleys and hidden oases, from the wet hikes of Wadi Mujib to the really dry hikes of Wadi Rum or Wadi Araba, all kinds of trails are available for all kinds of hikers, providing absolutely breathtaking panoramas to those who make the effort to climb up. Some trails can be quite tricky, so take a local guide with you before going out, he will be able to point out the best routes and to teach you about the fauna and flora of the areas you cross.


Petra Kitchen: Cook like a Jordanian
Just a short walk away from the Visitors’ center, gather in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of The Petra Kitchen to prepare an evening typical Jordanian meal under the supervision of a local chef. After a busy day of sightseeing, come relax on the terrace before embarking on an exciting culinary adventure!

Petra Kitchen is a delightful way to round out your Jordan travel experiences. Like any home kitchen, THE PETRA KITCHEN is a relaxed, informal atmosphere where you’ll gather to prepare an evening meal, working alongside local women under the supervision of our chef. Each evening meal includes soup, cold and hot mezza and salads, and a main course—all typical Jordanian dishes. You will have get an inside glimpse of the secrets behind the famous regional cuisine of the Levant.

Petra Kitchen offers an evening of learning, fun and a very special dining experience, with each dish gaining the special flavor of a reward well-earned. Great care has been taken to make THE PETRA KITCHEN a truly Jordanian experience—right down to the furnishings, all crafted in Jordan, the tableware, all produced by the Iraq al Amir Women’s Co-operative, and the aprons and table linens, all hand-embroidered by the Jordan River Foundation.


Horse riding from Petra to Wadi Rum
Embark on a lifetime experience from the ancient Nabatean city of Petra to the depths of the majestic Wadi Rum desert on pure locally-bred Arabian horses! Reenact the Indiana Jones movie in front of Petra’s Treasury, follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia throughout the magnificent Wadi Rum and ride to the discovery of the thousands years old scriptures discreetly carved on the towering mountains. One of the highlights of this experience being to get the unique opportunity to ride across the deserted city of Petra at dawn, before the site opens its doors to the public!

Spa treatment at the Dead Sea
 Complete your trip to the Dead Sea with a visit or a stay at one of the first class health spa facilities available in one of the luxurious resorts built on the coastline. With its breathtaking landscape, quiet surroundings, and state-of-the-art facilities, the Dead Sea is the perfect place to rest, relax and get pampered by the professional staff of the spa institutes. Be it for medical treatment or just for relaxation, enjoy all kinds of spa treatments displaying the most beneficial products of the Dead Sea, various massages by trained professionals, Dead Sea mud baths, private beaches and outdoor swimming pools overlooking the surreal landscape of the lowest point on Earth. A truly rejuvenating experience for the tired travelers and the busy folks!

Calling nature – Jeep ride Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum is a stupendous, timeless place, virtually untouched by humanity and its destructive forces. Here, it is the weather and winds that have carved the imposing, towering skyscrapers, so elegantly described by T.E. Lawrence as “vast, echoing and God-like…”Taking a jeep ride in Wadi Rum Reserve is one of the many ways to explore the southern Jordanian Desert and discover its many wonders! You can go on various jeep ride duration/timings which will take you on a ride to the main attractions from sand dunes to narrow canyons and high natural rock bridges. In addition, enjoy the thrill of a drive in the vast emptiness of the desert!

Relaxing at the hot springs Experience the energy of nature (mineral bath).
Situated in one of the most breathtaking desert oases in the world 264m below sea level, Ma’in Hot Springs is a truly idyllic place to chill out and take care of oneself. Take the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate your body in Hammamat Ma’in hot springs. (45 min drive from Madaba). This hot freshwater mineral springs and waterfall lies 264 meters below sea level. Hammamat Ma’in is an exceptional place in Jordan in an amazing natural setting. The mineral rich waters that feed the 109 hot and cold springs in the valley originate from winter rain falls in the highland plains of Jordan.

Most of this water becomes heated to hyper thermal temperatures of up to 63°C by underground lava fissures before it pours out of the mountain. This place and the therapeutic effects of the thermal springs attracted already King Herod. It offers a range of therapeutic treatments including hot baths, helps for blood circulation problems, rheumatism, skin diseases and sports injuries. The Cascade Spa at the Evason Ma’in Hot Springs Resort, Jordan.The Cascade Spa at the Evason Ma’in Hot Springs Resort, Jordan.

Hikayet Sitti: A Local Dining Experience in Madaba
Nestled in a small cozy house restored into a beautiful restaurant, Hikayet Sitti is a place to discover firsthand the Jordanian culture and history and its generous culinary traditions. In the midst of the Christian city of Madaba, the local women put their hands and knowledge together to prepare and serve you the most delicious meal one could ever hope for. This peaceful retreat is the perfect place to gather with friends or family to enjoy real Jordanian hospitality, as good and hearty food will inevitably be accompanied by warm welcomes and homely smiles. A meal in this restaurant will remain for a long time a soothing and memorable experience of your travel to Jordan.


Bird watching in Al Azraq reserve
Azraq is a unique wetland, located in the heart of the arid Eastern Desert, which takes its name from the Arabic word for ‘blue’. A migratory stopover for birds from three continents, Azraq is becoming increasingly popular for bird-watching. From the walkways and hides, visitors get the chance to observe birds close at hand, including local, migratory and occasional rare species. The Azraq area also has a rich cultural history due to its strategic location and water resources. It was used as a station for pilgrims and camel trains and Lawrence of Arabia was stationed in Azraq Castle during the Arab Revolt. The local people are also unusually diverse, coming from three different ethnic origins, Bedouin, Chechen and Druze; each of which has distinctive beliefs and traditions. Bedouins have lived a nomadic life style in the area for generations, whereas the Chechens are descendants of settlers from the Caucasus and the Druze stem from Arab tribes in Syria and Lebanon.


Foodie Experience: Eat Your Way Through Jordan
Food plays an important role in the Jordanian culture and whether you’re eating with locals in their home or at a local diner, you’re bound to fall in love with Jordanian food and most probably leave Jordan a couple of pounds heavier. The Jordanian cuisine is the melting pot of the cuisine in the Middle East in addition to some renowned Jordanian dishes that are absolutely delicious! In Jordan, we use various seeds and herbs to add flavor to dishes, whether it is Tahini (sesame seed paste), Green mint leaves, Thyme, Rosemary, or sage… Make sure to experience all kinds of Jordanian dishes when you’re here and if you’re a Foodie book a Gastronomy Tour and go on an eating frenzy! Two words you’re most probably to hear when about dive into a Tafaddal (you’re welcomed to dig in) and Sahtain (Bon Appétit / enjoy your meal).


Mountain’s Rock climbing in Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum being one of the most outstanding desert landscapes in the world, its towering mountains, narrow canyons and amazing rock formations also make it a paradise for climbers, mountaineers and scramblers, offering a large array of routes for all levels, from simple hiking to technically difficult ascensions.  

Most of the main climbing areas are gathered within easy reach of the Rum village; either on Jebel Rum or on Jebel Um Ishrin, but walking there carrying your climbing gear might still prove a bit difficult. Further away in the desert, you will find the most popular climbing sites of the area: the Barragh Canyon, a 3km long narrow gorge, and the Burdah Bridge area, a spectacular rock bridge hanging some 300m up from the desert floor. Several routes lead up to the bridge, some requiring roping and a qualified guide while others are no more than a mere scramble, but this is undoubtedly one of the not-to-be-missed places in Wadi Rum for any climber.


Camel riding in the desert
Several kind of tours are available in Wadi Rum, from a few hours to a few days, so cover your head with a kuffiyeh, get on your desert mount and leave for a memorable camel ride. If you come to Jordan, don’t miss out on camel riding in the Wadi Rum desert! Even if most of them have long been replaced by jeeps and pickups, camels have always been an essential part of the Bedouins’ lifestyle.

Useful tips for beginners: hang on tightly to the pommel between your legs as soon as you get on to avoid being thrown off when the camel suddenly gets up from sitting, or you’re liable to end up face down in the dust. While riding, let your legs go on both sides, or cross them in front Bedouin style, and let yourself get rocked by the camel’s gentle and silent pace. Relax and enjoy!


Bedouin Lifestyle Experiences in Feynan
Take a peek into the lives of one of the last remaining Bedouin communities in Jordan! This rare opportunity will allow you to learn about their daily life, traditions and sustainable lifestyle by taking part in a large array of traditional activities, like making kohl, weaving goat-haired tents, baking “Arbood” bread, cooking local meals or grounding Arabic coffee… For the most curious, you can even spend a full day with a shepherd grazing the family’s goats!

What can you experience in Fynan? Explore the authentic things to do 

1. Making kohl in Feynan
A local Bedouin will show you the process of making Kohl, the Bedouin eye makeup that is believed to strengthen eyesight, protect against eye ailment in addition to its cosmetic and aesthetic uses. You will be taken through the process from the burning of cotton and olive oil under the Saj, to collecting the Kohl and applying it.


2. Making Arabic coffee in Feynan
Arabic coffee is an essential part of the Bedouin traditions as it is served on almost every occasion. During this experience, you will be taught how to roast, ground and boil the coffee beans as well as the etiquette of serving the Arabic coffee and drinking it.


3. Baking earthy “Arbood” bread in Feynan
Arbood is the primary food a Bedouin would have for lunch while shepherding the goats in the wilderness. A local will teach you how to bake Bedouin bread from only flour, salt and water kneaded and baked in ash. 

4. Weaving goat-haired tents in Feynan
From the beating of the hair through to the weaving process, learn the full process of making a tent from goat hair. This is a seasonal activity, normally done in early summer.


5. A day with a shepherd in Feynan
Spend a full day with a local shepherd grazing the family’s goats in the wilderness of Feynan! During this authentic experience, share a lunch of Arbood bread and sweet tea with the shepherd. This adventure will give you a rare insight into the lifestyle of the Bedouin community and their daily occupations!


6. Cooking class in Feynan
Join one of our chefs and learn to make a full three course vegetarian lunch of popular Jordanian dishes. At the end of our cooking class enjoy a feast of your own creation. The recipes for all the dishes will be emailed to you.

Sharing Meals with Locals
Tired of eating out in restaurants every day? Looking for the most authentic cultural and culinary experience while touring Jordan? Then why not have lunch at the home of a local family?Eating with a local family is probably the best way to get a unique insight into the Jordanian culture and traditions and to witness firsthand the hospitality and warmth of the local people. Heaps of homemade dishes are presented to the comfortably seated guests, much more than needed, in a truly Jordanian fashion. Many Jordanian families are happy to receive foreign guests in their house to share a meal and their culture. Contact us to be part of a truly authentic and memorable experience!

Dinner at Cave Bar
One of the most original bars in the world, Cave Bar is set in cave tomb carved by the Nabataeans in the 1st century BC. The tomb is one of a few located just outside the Petra site, in what is now Wadi Musa, the town that developed at the entrance of Petra.

Private cruise in the Red Sea and Dinner at the Royal Yacht club
After a long, sun-drenched day by the sea, indulge in a little luxury with a delicious dinner at this exclusive club. The Yacht Club sits in front of its own small marina, offering an excellent view of the gently bobbing luxury yachts that it hosts, as well as Aqaba gulf beyond. The Royal Yacht Club is the most exclusive venue in Aqaba, and is often His Majesty King Abdullah II’s venue of choice for hosting dinner quests in Aqaba Dinner: The Club is renowned for serving up an exquisite menu, and is particularly known for its seafood dishes.

 Experience of indulgence and relaxation
The  Dead Sea  is renowned  today  and  throughout  history  for its  healing properties due to the high mineral content of the water.  Spoil yourself with the warm, soothing, super salty water which is ten times saltier than sea water, and rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromine and several others. Also, its high salinity enables you to float comfortably on the surface of the water. You can also indulge in some of the spa treatments offered at the resort.

Hot air balloon experience in Wadi Rum
Wake up with the smell of herbal tea around your campfire as the sun paints the area in warm hues of reds, orange and yellow. Get ready for an unforgettable experience. Flying up, up and away on a hot air balloon ride is a truly unforgettable experience like no other. Float silently over Wadi Rum and enjoy the breathtaking natural rock formations. See the seven pillars of wisdom and the natural dunes of the desert from 6,000 feet. Enjoy breathtaking views, landmarks and the wonder of nature from a new and unique perspective.A hot air balloon traverses the rock formations at Monument Valley in northern Arizona.

Mosaic’s Art Experience
On the way to Mount Nebo have a stop at one of the mosaic workshops. Live the Mosaic’s Art Experience and learn more about the art & history of mosaics in Jordan.  This course is especially arranged for your group. Then, each participant will get a small plateau of mosaic.

Dinner at a Bedouin  camp in Petra
The Camp is set in a spectacular tranquil setting in Beidha area (also known as Little Petra); 14 km north of Petra’s archaeological site, beautifully surrounded by majestic towering rocks with a rare 2,000 year old rocks; lit at night. Upon arrival at the camp entrance guests would be greeted by the sound of a el-Shabaab (flute) echoing in a distance & once they enter the main area, they would be greeted by a roaring campfire centred in the middle along with lively Bedouin music mainly el-Oud (oriental guitar) & el-Tableh (oriental drum). Guests would be offered cardamom-spiced coffee which would be grinded and roasted in front of them & they would be ushered to their lamp-lit, hand woven dining tents.

Bedouin women would then go around showing them the tradition of kohl making as it is still popular amongst the Bedouins as a natural protection against the harsh desert sun & would then offer applying it for ladies & gents. After that they are all invited to share in authentic Shraak bread baking and they may watch the Bedouins dig out the traditional Zarb; a succulent meal aromatically seasoned with herbs and spices, slowly cooked for hours in an underground sealed fire pit whilst a Bedouin would be playing on the flute from a distance.

From there onwards they would be ushered to the buffet where they would enjoy their dinner under the tents.. After dinner, they are offered Bedouin tea and ladies as well as men may be adorned with temporary Henna tattooing traditionally thought to have magical powers and applied for beauty as well as luck. Meanwhile the Bedouins would invite the guests to dance along around the campfire etc

Journey through 1916- Train ride experience in Wadi Rum/ Surround yourself with history
The Train: is the same that was used by Muslim Pilgrims to go to Mecca for Hajj or Pilgrimage 100 years ago.  This was also the train that Lawrence of Arabia exploded to break the supply lines of the Ottoman Empire in the South of Jordan during the Great Arab Revolt. The train has only been mechanically refurbished for safety reasons, but it keeps its’ same original character and image. The Engine is Black like old steam choo choo trains. The carriages are wood, black or brown in color.  They have benches inside, some around the carriages and others in rows. This train is not used commercially anymore, so it will be chartered for your group exclusively.


Next, experience history and adventure in an excitingly exclusive trip that takes you on ancient routes into Jordan’s fascinating desert. After a tour of Amman the group will be taken by bus to the old Ottoman Train Station in the centre of the city, where they will transfer by train.

The Train: Teeming with history and significance, the train is the authentic one that was used by Muslim pilgrims to travel to Mecca for Hajj (pilgrimage) 100 years ago. It was blown up during the Great Arab Revolt by Lawrence of Arabia in order to destroy supplies reaching the Ottoman Empire in the south of Jordan. It comprises an old black steam engine that pulls a couple of black and brown wooden carriages with benches inside, which are laid out in rows or around the internal perimeter of carriages. The train’s furnishings, image and character are original and have not been altered or refurbished in any way, although mechanically the steam engine has been improved for safety reasons. As this train is no longer used commercially, Zaman Tours will charter it exclusively for your group.

The Trip: On reaching the train station, which consists of a small building in the center of Amman, the group will board the waiting train. The duration of the ride is approximately 1 ½-2 hours. Enjoy some cocktail refreshments as the train makes its way through the open desert, passing Bedouin villages and camps along the way.

Stargazing experience in Wadi Rum
A great experience can be arranged for you at your campsite while having a professional astronomer with his telescope to show you the stars of the Moon Valley and to teach you more about the stars constellation.Starry night sky, Captain’s Desert Camp in the Arabian Desert at Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Return to the roots of aviation with this small and versatile aircraft. Fly above the beautiful rock formations of Wadi Rum in an open aircraft with our experienced pilot.

Your 30 minutes flight above The Dead Sea allows you to discover the Baptism Site, the Lot’s Cave, and Wadi Al-Mujib. A memorable journey is guaranteed to stay with you for a long time. Aircraft doors can be removed if requested depending on weather conditions.Enjoy a quad bike adventure across the hauntingly beautiful Sinai Desert. Drive through the ever changing dunes; weave through the trackless desert, tackling both low and high dunes. Take control of your fully automatic quad bike. Feel the adrenaline rush as the guide leads you through the challenging, sand dunes.

 Water sports activities in Aqaba
A wide range of water sport activities including water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat, inner tube rides and more are organized by our professional and friendly team, as well as easy access to a variety of yachting cruises all set within the context of an authentically styled sandy beach.Cruises include: sunset cruise, coral viewing and snorkeling cruise, Pharaoh’s Island (Egypt) cruise as well as daily cruises available in Aqaba.

Hashem Restaurant
You haven’t tried felafel until you’ve eaten here. This legendary eatery, run for half a century by a Turkish family, is so popular with locals and visitors alike that there’s stiff competition for tables, many of which overflow into the alleyway. Aim for an early lunch or supper if you want to avoid the queues, although it has to be said that Hashem does a fantastic job of feeding the multitude in record time. Mid-afternoon, it makes a great place to sup a mint tea and watch downtown slide towards siesta.

Umm Qais Rest House
Without doubt, one of the best parts of the Umm Qais site is pausing to take refreshment at the Umm Qais Resthouse, perched atop a small hill in the heart of the ruins. With stunning views over Galilee, the Golan and the peaks of Lebanon, it’s the perfect venue for lunch or an early dinner.

Located inside a converted Ottoman house, the restaurant is part of a famed consortium of top-notch restaurants in Jordan and offers an impressive seasonal menu highlighting fresh produce, local wines and locally raised meats. The open-air terrace is surrounded by flowers in spring that look good enough to sprinkle on the salad


 Royal Yacht Club Restaurant
With views of the marina, this elegant, wood-panelled restaurant is the place to savour a romantic sunset and mingle with Aqaba’s nouveau riche. The mostly Italian menu includes Mediterranean favourites like crab, avocado, shrimp and artichoke salad, mussels Provençale and homemade vegetarian pasta.

 Azraq Wetland Reserve
Administered by the RSCN, this small reserve is good for bird-watching. The Azraq Basin was originally 12,710 sq km (an area larger than Lebanon), but over-pumping of groundwater sucked the wetlands dry in the 1970s and ’80s. In recent years, the RSCN has seized control of the wetlands and established a small nature reserve to help facilitate the recovery of the wetlands. Bird populations have returned but the wetlands remain a meagre reflection of their past glory. An environmental recovery project of this magnitude is certainly worth support, and the on-site visitor centre has well-documented (if tragic and poorly maintained) exhibits detailing the history of the basin’s demise.

City of Mosaics Half-Day Private Tour
Visit the “City of Mosaics”—Madaba, an ancient city south of Amman. See the famous mosaic map before strolling in the streets and perusing offerings from artisan craftsman. Stand atop Mount Nebo to admire the inspirational view and learn about the early destination for Christian pilgrimage.

First mentioned in the Bible at the time of 1200 BC, Madaba is renowned for its Umayyad and Byzantine mosaics. Admire the most highly revered piece, a 6th-century map of the Holy Land in the Basilica of St George, which contains more than 2 million pieces of vivid stone. Pick up a souvenir or two from one of the highly skilled artists operating in the town.

Next, take a short drive to the summit of Mount Nebo. Absorb the beautiful views over the Dead Sea as far as the rooftops of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Here, a church marks the holy site thought to be the burial place of Moses. Savor the scene once more as you reflect by the Serpentine Cross, symbolic of Jesus’ crucifixion. 

 The Royal Automobile Museum : An Homage to King Hussein in Jordan
The Royal Automobile Museum in Amman, Jordan is the kind of place that you are unlikely to have on your list of places to visit, but ends up as one of the most treasured memories once you luck your way across it.

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