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We created a massive list of inspiring things to do In Amman when planning your trip. This article contains a variety of styles to experience.

  1. Try Knafeh, a traditional sweet, in downtown Amman, Enjoy a spiral of sticky sweetness with a layer of white cheese and vermicelli-like pastry dyed orange and covered in sugary syrup.
  2. Shop at the JARA Flea Market on Fridays in Jabal Amman (open April to October), The market offers a wide variety of silver jewellery, embroidered items, and local food items for you to enjoy while taking in the magnificent views of the downtown area.
  3. Shop at one of Amman’s many malls, As the city of contrasts that it is, Amman offers the latest in fashion at many of its modern malls and designated shopping areas.
  4. Have flavoured shisha in one of Amman’s many outdoor coffee shops, There are countless cafes that offer almost any kind of the flavoured tobacco for you to enjoy in a social atmosphere.
  5. Grab a few of your friends and go paint-balling, What better activity for bonding and some friendly competition?!
  6. Walk along Al-Wakalat Street and browse the high street shops, Walk around the fashion centre of Amman and enjoy the availability of brand names from around the world
  7. Enjoy a cool evening at Al-Hussein Park, The Park is one of Amman’s new landmarks and includes a cultural village, sports fields, memorial building, historical passageway, decorated gardens, amphitheatre, circular yard, automobile museum, and children’s museum
  8. Stroll down Rainbow Street, The street is lined with quaint coffee shops and little artisan shops and enjoys spectacular views of downtown Amman.
  9. Have a falafel sandwich at Al-Quds in Jabal Amman, Al-Quds is the oldest falafel vendor in Amman and is a must-try for all those who visit
  10. Eat at Hashem Restaurant in downtown Amman, A legendary place that is known to all locals, whether they go there or not; it overflows into the alley and is popular for its falafel, hummus, and fuul.
  11. Watch the sunset from one of the city’s many hill tops, A quick drive to any of the many hills in Amman will provide you with a stunning view of the city, especially at sunset. Watch as the white limestone houses that crowd the city’s hills delicately change colour as the sun sets.
  12. Shop for souvenirs downtown or at one of Amman’s many handicraft shops, Downtown Amman boasts bustling streets brimming with small shops that offer unique souvenirs for visitors to take home as a reminder of their trip.
  13. Enjoy the view from the Wild Jordan Cafe and support Jordan’s nature reserves and those who live there by buying souvenirs, The Wild Jordan Cafe is one of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature’s (RSCN) projects that work on conserving biodiversity throughout Jordan. Their menu is based on low fat and low carbohydrate recipes with ingredients extracted from the RSCN’s nature reserves, while all revenue goes to support the RSCN’s mission.
  14. Visit the Citadel, The Citadel towers above the city from Jabal Al-Qal’a, and is the site of ancient Rabbath-Ammon. Excavations here have uncovered Roman, Byzantine, and early Islamic remains. The most impressive, known simply as Al-Qasr (“the Palace”), dates back to the Islamic Umayyad period. Nearby are the ruins of the Umayyad palace grounds.
  15. Try horseback riding at one of the many riding clubs, Amman boasts a large number of clubs that offer horseback riding activities, so why not take the time to take a riding lesson.
  16. Spend a day playing golf, Enjoy some “me time” at Amman’s one and only 9-hole brown golf course.
  17. Visit the Roman Theatre in downtown Amman, Built into the hillside, the theatre was constructed during the time of Antonius Pius (138-161 CE) and was oriented north to keep the sun off the spectators.
  18. Visit the Jordan Archeological Museum, The museum is located on Citadel Hill and was built in 1951. It presents artefacts from Jordan’s archeological sites that date back from prehistoric times to the 15th century
  19. Visit the Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions, This museum displays traditional Jordanian dress, including fine embroidery and beautiful antique jewellery, several 6th century mosaics from Madaba and Jerash
  20. Visit the Jordan Folklore Museum, Officially opened in 1975 by the Department of Antiquities, it houses items representing the desert (Bedu), villages (Reef), and towns and cities (Madinah) cultures.
  21. Visit Iraq Al-Amir, Located southwest of Amman, Iraq Al-Amir is famous for its olive trees and the many caves in the hills that de back to the Copper Age. Also at the site is Qasr Al-Abed, one of the very few examples of pre-Roman construction in Jordan.
  22. Check out local jewellers’ and designers’ shops, Jordan’s local design industry is rapidly growing. Pick up a couple of baubles that represent local culture while fusing it with some western designs.
  23. Take the kids to one of the many kids clubs, Amman boasts a number of kids clubs with many play areas that could keep them entertained for hours.
  24. Sample Jordanian coffee at a street vendor, Enjoy the kick of the flavor-rich coffee with hints of cardamom.
  25. Visit one of Amman’s many art galleries – The art scene in Amman is very lively with many galleries displaying local talent as well as works from artists abroad.
  26. Experience a holiday mass at one of the many churches, There are many churches in Amman with large festive celebrations during holiday season, some including street parades.
  27. Go to the gold market downtown, Amman is the perfect place to shop for gold and silver due to the abundance of great designs and a price that is usually lower than anywhere else.
  28. Visit the Cave of Seven Sleepers, who were mentioned in the Qur’an in “Suret Al-Kahf”, One of several locations claiming to be the cave where the “seven sleepers” escaped persecution and slept for 309 years. Inside you can see 8 sealed tombs, while above and below the cave are the remains of two mosques.
  29. Visit the Royal Film Commission for a film screening or to see their film library You can enjoy watching movies, reading books, and even rent them out.
  30. Enjoy Amman’s busy nightlife, Amman may not be the “city that never sleeps,” but it sure does go to bed really late. There are countless venues that are open late till the early hours of the morning and where you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and its social people.
  31. Watch a soccer game in a coffee shop, Soccer – or football – is almost religiously followed by Jordanians, so join the cheering crowds and the infectious spirit of sports enthusiasts.
  32. Visit the Royal Automobile Museum, This museum has an amazing collection of motorbikes and cars going back to the time of the Great Arab Revolt, and includes the late King Hussein’s 1952 London Capri (that he had when he was a student in England) and the 1955 Mercedes 300SL ‘Gullwing’ that he once raced. Enjoy a shawarma sandwich at Reem, Located at the 2nd circle is the first and oldest shawarma vendor in Jordan, established in 1977.
  33. Visit the grand Al-Husseini Mosque downtown, The mosque was built by the late King Abdullah in 1924 on the site of a much older mosque and possibly also the site of Philadelphia’s Byzantine cathedral. Built in pink and white stone in the Ottoman style, it was fully restored in 1987.
  34. Tour the spice shops downtown, Grab a handful or two of special spices that you won’t find back home, like Za’atar and Sumac.
  35. Visit the Jordan River Foundation Showroom The Foundation is a non-profit organization started in 1995 to empower society, especially women and children. They specialize in home design, with an emphasis on rugs, cushions, embroidery, camel bags, baskets, as well as selling Dead Sea products, all at a high quality.
  36. Create your own sand bottle at downtown handicraft shops, Personalize your souvenirs with sand bottles featuring sites from Jordan or bearing your name, or personalize them as gifts to your friends.
  37. Visit Al-Hussein Cultural Centre in Ras Al-Ein, Plays, music concerts, dance performances, and film screenings take place her
  38. Step back in time at the Hejaz Railway Station, The station is like a time machine taking you to a vanished age. There’s a great collection of working steam locomotives that are used for corporate and tourist excursions, and an impressive railway museum.e regularly.
  39. Visit the Martyr’s Memorial, established in 1977, the memorial houses a small but interesting museum, which chronicles Jordan’s recent military history, from the Arab Revolt in 1916 (in which 10,000 Arab fighters were martyred) through to the Arab-Israeli wars.
  40. Try Mansaf, Jordan’s national dish, A delicious concoction consisting of saffron-dyed rice and lamb chops in a yoghurt-like liquid called Jameed.
  41. Visit the King Abdullah I Mosque, Completed in 1989 as a memorial by the late King Hussein to his grandfather, the unmistakable blue-domed mosque can house up to 7,000 worshippers inside and another 3,000 in the courtyard area. All visitors are openly welcomed here
  42. See the Roman Nymphaeum, Built in 191 AD, it was once a large, two-storey complex with fountains, mosaics, stone carvings and possibly a 600 sq.m. swimming pool. Up until 1947, the ancient stream and Roman bridge still stood where the road now runs. Excavations started in 1993, and restoration will continue for many years.
  43. Visit Souk Al-Sukkar (a vegetable market downtown), Walk through the busy fruit and vegetable market downtown where locals shop for their fresh produce as traders shout out their prices to entice customers to their stalls.
  44. Stop by Al-Balad Theatre for a cultural event, This used to be one of Amman’s earlier cinemas and was converted into a cultural space a few years ago.
  45. Visit the Numismatics Museum at the Central Bank of Jordan, The Museum was opened in 1988 and its collections include over 2,220 coins.
  46. Enjoy the spa and gym facilities offered at many hotels in Amman, As a health-conscious population, many of Amman’s hotels offer the best in gym facilities and personal trainers.
  47. Play pool in one of Amman’s clubs, Enjoy the spirited atmosphere as you bond with friends with this relaxing activity.
  48. Enjoy a feast in Ramadan in one of the Ramadani tents, Bask in the traditional atmosphere and celebrations during the holy month of Ramadan.
  49. Visit the Bird Park, Take a stroll in this picturesque park with nice walking paths and benches everywhere, and a large playground for children to frolic. c
  50. Visit the Sports City, Enjoy the lengths of pine forest, and take a walk or run through the forest track for great exercise.
  51. Try Arabic sweets, If you are tired of the usual pies and brownie treats, try some Arabic sweets like Aush Al-Bulbul, Faisalieh, Nabulsieh, Barazek, Ghraybeh, and Maamoul.
  52. Make your own fresh ka’ak sandwich at Salah Ad-Dine Bakery, One of the oldest bakeries in town, enjoy its freshly-baked bread with a sweet cup of mint tea.
  53. Visit the Zaha Cultural Centre for Kids, The Centre provides cultural, intellectual, and entertainment services for children. It has sports courts, parks, a library, and gardens for families to enjoy.
  54. Visit the Royal Cultural Centre, The Centre organizes lectures, exhibitions, musical recitals, concerts, and plays; usually in Arabic, but they are sometimes advertised in the local English-language newspapers.
  55. Visit the Children’s Museum, Established based on an initiative by Her Majesty Queen Rania, in order to give children a chance to learn through play.
  56. BBQ with friends at one of the city parks, Grab your friends, a portable BBQ, and enjoy the cool night breeze under the stars.
  57. Try cart racing, Another fun activity to get the blood pumping and the heart racing in the company of friends.
  58. Visit Souk Al-Bukharieh in downtown Amman, The oldest souk in Amman, it is tucked away in an alley with little shops lining it left and right. For an authentic Jordanian shopping experience, head down to the souk and shop for lanterns, jewellery, antiques, and souvenirs
  59. Spot the Raghadan flagpole, From most places in the city you can spot the huge Jordanian flag of the Raghadan palace compound, which stands at 126.8m high and is the 3rd highest flagpole in the world.
  60. Visit a traditional costumes shop in Jabal Amman, You can’t miss the shops selling traditional, embroiders, beaded, and sequined dresses, which are fun to try on and perhaps take home as a souvenir.
  61. Go bowling, Many places in Jordan offer arcade games and bowling for fun bonding time with family and friends.
  62. Visit Darat Al-Funun (Little House of Arts), This tranquil garden contains the former home of Peak Pasha, Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Peak, who commanded the Arab Legion from the early 1920s to 1939. Now it is a gallery housing works by leading Arab artists.
  63. Enjoy indoor rock, climbing at a great and safe facility, with trained professionals to help you master the sport.
  64. Join a cycling group, Bicycle, and cycling lessons, are provided for anyone interested in seeing the city, day or night, on two wheels while getting a healthy exercise.
  65. Visit the Islamic Museum, Inside the King Abdullah Mosque is this small museum that has some pottery pieces, as well as photographs and personal effects of King Abdullah I. There are also a number of pieces of Muslim art, coins, and stone engravings. The admission fee to the mosque includes access to the museum. Women are required to wear something to cover their hair (scarves can be borrowed at the mosque), and everyone must remove their shoes before entering the prayer hall.
  66. Try some local cuisine at Al-Quds Restaurant in the heart of downtown, This downtown gem is famous for its sweets and parties, but the restaurant in the back offers homemade-style local dishes, like Mansaf.
  67. Cool off at a waterpark, You, your friends and/or family will be thankful for a day of splashing about in refreshing, clear water under the beautiful summer sun.
  68. Visit the Abu Darwish Mosque, The visually-stunning mosque at the top of Jabal Al-Ashrafiyeh was built in 1961 with alternating layers of black and white stone. Non-Muslims are generally not permitted inside, but the views on the way up the hill are enjoyable.
  69. Spend some time at Kan Zaman, This walled village dates back to the turn of the century. It has since been transformed into a restaurant and handicraft complex, with small shops offering a wide variety of traditional hand-crafted products and workshops in which you can see glass blowing and carpet weaving. The popular restaurant, with its vaulted ceilings, specializes in authentic Arabic cuisine, with the additional treat of nightly performances of Arabic music and dancing.
  70. Go for a scrub and massage at a Turkish bath, After a long day of exploring the sites of Amman, enjoy the full service of the hammam, which includes a steam bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, scrubbing, and a 40-minute massage all done in a fantastic settings that are architecturally faithful to the tradition of a Turkish bath.
  71. Learn to cook local food at Beit Sitti, Take a cooking class, usually consisting of 12 people or less, and learn how to cook traditional local food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, then feast on your creations
  72. Take a belly dancing class, Learn how to belly dance if you are interested in the oriental dance art form or, alternatively, take a tango, salsa, waltz or other type of dance class.
  73. Practice you singing at one of Amman’s karaoke nights.
  74. Try international cuisine, Choose from many international restaurants available at the heart of the city, including Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Indian cuisine, prepared by professional chefs for you to enjoy.
  75. Watch a movie, Check local listings for local or international movies showing at one of Amman’s many cinemas playing the latest releases from around the world.
  76. Walk around the city, Join one of the walking groups that organize group walks to different sites in the city, to see it from a different perspective, and some company while you exercise.
  77. Run the Amman International Marathon, The Marathon aims at promoting athleticism and athletic cooperation throughout the world. It is usually planned for October.
  78. Visit the King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque, The Mosque was inaugurated in 2006 and became the country’s national mosque. IT is also the largest mosque in the country and was built to reflect the Umayyad architecture prevalent in many historic sites around Jordan.
  79. Join poets and poetry enthusiasts at the House of Poetry, The house is the former residence of Prince Ali Bin Nayif. It was purchased by the Greater Amman Municipality in 1994, that began its restoration in 1999, preserving its architectural integrity, and dedicating it as a meeting place for local Arab poets and anyone interested in listening.
  80. Get an adrenaline rush at the firing range, Try target practice at the shooting range in Amman for a dose of thrilling fun.
  81. View Amman, Built by the Greater Municipality of Amman, it provides information on today’s planning efforts. It’s the first permanent exhibition space dedicated to the future of the city’s architecture, it documents major developments across the city, and demonstrates the here and (nearly) now – both the existing chaotic urban form that Amman is draped over the highlighted approaching major developments in the city.
  82. Step into the Soap House, Enjoy the scents of natural herbs and oils and browse through the various soaps and lotions, which are made using Jordanian olive oil and Dead Sea minerals.
  83. Watch the bustle of downtown from the balcony of Balat Al-Rasheed Cafe, You can’t miss this cafe that is one floor above street level as its facade is plastered with flags from around the world. Enjoy a great view of the street below from here. It was established in 1924, making it one of the oldest cafes in Amman
  84. Find out what Tamriyeh is by heading to Tamriyet Omar, Well-known to locals for making one thing really well: sweet and sticky Tamriyeh, freshly-cooked right in front of you.
  85. Visit the Duke’s Diwan, Located downtown, Jordan’s only ‘Duke’ spotted this building and leased it to create a space that preserves the city’s architectural heritage. It is open to visitors, artists, musicians, and anyone that is interested.
  86. Have your own perfume made, There are several perfume stalls downtown that mix up scents. Ask for your favorite brand of perfume or have one created just for you.
  87. Enjoy live entertainment and concerts that take place around the city, Amman has a rich theatre and performance culture that is ever-growing and as such plays and shows are available year-round.
  88. Try sugarcane juice downtown, There are many juice shops downtown, but head to the ones that will squeeze out fresh sugarcane juice for you to try.
  89. Catch a stand-up comedy show, Who doesn’t love to laugh? Jordanians sure do! Head to one of the comedy nights in Amman for a few laughs.
  90. Citadel Nights, The Citadel towers over Amman and is a spectacular site by day; it is even more so at night. These events run through the holy month of Ramadan, and include a souk selling handicrafts, food items, and nightly performances from different artists, all while enjoying the sight of the Citadel illuminated at night.
  91. Fly over Amman, The city is sprawling over 19 hills…what better way to see it than from the air? The Royal Jordanian Gliding Club offers both the experienced and trainee pilots the perfect flying experience. So much so that the RJGC has attracted many Arab and foreign visitors to fly the skies of Amman.
  92. Visit the Jordan Tourism Board for any info, tips, brochures, maps, or any help you may need with your trip.
  93. Visit the National Gallery of Fine Arts, This small but impressive gallery Provides its visitors with a great appreciation for contemporary Jordanian painting, sculpture, and pottery. It was renovated in 2005 and also highlights contemporary art from around the Middle East and the greater Muslim world.
  94. Check calendar.jo for a list of cultural events happening in Amman, the online calendar is constantly updated to provide the most current information about events happening in Amman.
  95. Have lunch at Auberge, An authentic experience in one of Amman’s old restaurants. The restaurant serves different kinds of Arabic food including mixed grill and fish. A chance to interact with old Ammanis and tourists. A special balcony that overlooks the main downtown street.
  96. Taste the variety of foods available at Jabri, Founded in 1935 in Al-Hashimi Street in downtown, Jabri is one of the oldest restaurants in Amman, offering a variety of Arabic food, from traditional home-cooked meals to sweets, chocolates, and ice cream.
  97. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Prophet Muhammad Museum (PBUH), at the King Hussein Mosque. It contains the letter that the Prophet (PBUH) sent to King Hercules.
  98. Roam with Zain.
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Alberto P
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Aloke Das
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