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Live The Martian Experience



Do you want to feel like Matt Damon on the Red Planet in his recent movie “The Martian”? Have you ever dreamt of setting foot on the Mars’s reddish sand? Would you like to feel the might and power of the universe around you? Imagine you can taste the true Martian flavor, all in comfort and style! On the Wadi Rum grand desert, Jordan, Freedomes and the SunCity Camp recreate the straight-from-the-Mars experience with glamour and luxury.

Freedomes, the world’s leading manufacturer of geodesic dome structures, which produced the habitat for Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” as a part of the film’s set design, is now back with a smaller version of Martian-domes. The SunCity Camp in Wadi Rum has just been equipped with 20 of such structures to create a unique habitat in the scenery closely resembling the surface of the Mars.

The breathtaking grandiosity of creation, remarkable sandstone and granite rock formations and endless desert with the characteristic rusty glow, it is no wonder that these awe-inspiring surroundings were chosen as a movie set for “The Martian”. Now, the same out of this world experience in a luxurious Mars-like settlement is attainable and there for the taking for everyone.

The domes come from the glamping line of the Freedomes’ sister brand F.Domes. The new Saudi Beige color of the structures blends naturally with the sandy and rocky scenery, turning the Camp into a Martian-like settlement. Fully furnished, with a private bathroom, the domes allow visitors to savor the adventure in perfect comfort. The panoramic window creates the feeling of closeness to nature, whereas the “bubbly” shape of the dome adds a flavor of a space base.

The SunCity Camp is open and welcomes tourists. Wadi Rum is a real heaven for trekkers and climbers. Sightseers will appreciate fantastic jeep tours to scenic and archeological sites nearby and those who prefer other means of transportation can have a camel safari arranged. A balloon flight will enrapture everyone wishing to reach for the sky, however, the real out-of-this-world treat awaits the stargazers at night, as nothing compares with the Wadi Rum’s night sky!

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